Debrahlee Lorenzana: Too Hot for Citibank

Debrahlee Lorenzana is the woman who sues Citibank after being fired for being "too hot". Citibank was complaining that she was distracting other employees with her hot looks. Debrahlee stands 5’5” tall (1.65 m) and weighs 125 pounds (56,7 kg).

She"s been in a banking business for 10 years and had never had problems until she joined Citibank. She was constantly harassed by two managers saying she was too hot, too sexy when she was wearing "normal business clothing". From the other hand, they never harassed other female workers who, according to Debrahlee, were wearing inappropriately showing too much cleavage, mini skirts and very tight short dresses.

She tried not to wear any make-up in order to not to attract attention of others but nothing worked. They picked on her everyday. If it were not her turtlenecks, it were her pencil skirts, if it were not her pencil skirts it were her fitted suits or three-inch heels. In short, her male colleagues always found a thing that was "provocative" in her. But it didn"t bother them when other female workers were wearing these things. (Here she"s shown i clothes she wore at work).

She also called HR numerous times to get a transfer but she never got a response from them. Finally, she got transferred but was shortly fired, so now she is suing Citibank for discrimination. She now is working in another bank, wears same clothes and as she says, there is no problem.

I find this woman very attractive and it"s not her fault that she looks good in clothing she wears. What do you think? Did she deserve to be fired? Does she really look "too hot"?

Source: villagevoice

at Saturday, October 2, 2010.

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