Agnes Monica Sexy Singer and Stage of Indonesia


Agnes Monica Muljoto (born in Jakarta, 1 July 1986; age 22 years old) is a singer and stage of Indonesia. He has successfully launched a number of hits, and plans to become an international singer.

Agnes started his career in the entertainment world while Indonesia still children, namely, with a junior presenters and performers. Once when he bebrapa vacuum, he returned to the entertainment world with her patron Early Marriages (2001-2003) are shown in the NTI. In these endeavors, he plays a teenage girl who still sit in the benches and GSSS pregnant outside of marriage. Agnes also sings the theme song is patron, the "Early Marriage" and "Lost Heart". Through its endeavors, the name began to rebound and Agnes diperthitungkan scene in the entertainment industry.

After the successful take sings "Early Marriage", Agnes finally released the first adult album titled ".. And The Story Goes ....." in October 2003. Albums and countless successful example as one of Indonesia"s top singers. In this album perdananya Agnes menggaet a number of musicians reliable, namely a criminal, Melly Goeslaw, and others. At the launch of the album Agnes start mengikrarkan also sought to "go international."


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